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Sports, Families and Faith

We continue our two-part series on today’s kids and sports, with David A. King athletic director at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).

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My Turn

Sam Heatwole, this week's My Turn author

Frog Hollow

Sam Heatwole

Sometimes the “free will” God gives us is a little too free. I played football in high school and there were two separate occasions when I wish God had pulled the reins a little harder on my own stupidity. But then, as my earthly father used to say, “Them that don’t listen has to feel!”

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This Week's Resources

Sports: The All-American Addiction by John R. Gerdy, 2002, University Press of Mississippi. John R. Gerdy has been an All-American Basketball Player whose college jersey was retired and he was briefly a professional player. Currently he teaches courses on sports administration. In Sports: The All-American Addiction, he brings his insights and observations together in a radical, critical evaluation of the impact of sports on U.S. life.

Good Sports Gang, Episode 1: Elliot The Invincible with actor/NFL player Kurt Warner. 2003. Geared for young children, the DVD, using adventure, teaches some elementary lessons in sportsmanship.

Good Sports Gang, Episode 2: Together We’re Better with actor/NFL player Kurt Warner. 2003. A cartoon type DVD teaching the principle of working together as a team or group. For young children 3-6.

Dave King talks about his vision for athletics and academics and how they blend in a good way here.

Dave King discusses Eastern Mennonite University’s concerns for the whole person in their sports program here.

Sports Replaced Your Family Time? by Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

Balancing Youth Sports and Family Life: How to Find Balance & Reclaim Family Time by Brooke de Lench for MomsTeam.

From the Globe and Mail, national newspaper in Canada, on sports and kids.

Third Way Café reviewer Matthew Kauffman Smith looks at favorite sports documentaries through the years.

Article with more on Dave King related to Sports Obsession.

Burton's Blog

Small Men Intimidating Young Boys

Burton Buller

Last week I described of few of the letterman’s rites of initiation at my high school. Funny how my coach got by with such stuff. How the parents didn’t get lividly indignant over the treatment of their children. How the school board allowed the school employees who participated in the initiation rites to continue their jobs. Not only did I lose any respect for the coach, I lost respect for my parents who did nothing.
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Next Week

Guests on Shaping Families next week are a mother and daughter team who wrote a book, Saving the Seasons: How to Can, Freeze or Dry Almost Anything. Mary and her husband, Ron own and operate Strawberry Hill organic farm in Fresno, Ohio, and meet many customers through a local farmers’ market and community supported agriculture program. Susanna works for an innovative small urban farming organization called Grow Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania. Together Mary and Susanna tell how many younger families—including both men and women—are getting into food preservation and why.

Favorite Family Recipes

Greek Zucchini Cakes

Greek Zucchini Cakes

Carmen Wyse contributed this recipe (found in Whatever Happened to Dinner?) and says, "We love Greek food and this is a great recipe that uses a lot of Greek flavors and a lot of zucchini that might be piling up in the middle of summer. Serve it as a side with something grilled and fresh corn on the cob and you have the perfect summer meal!"

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