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Surviving Brain Aneurysm

“I told them goodbye . . . they had explained to me that there was a good chance I wouldn’t live through surgery. And so I told them not to worry about me . . . ” –Ruth Ann Wittrig

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My Turn

Natalie Francisco, this week's My Turn author

Connecting Point

Natalie Francisco

Ruth Ann’s story is similar to that of my friends who also suffered from an aneurysm. She, like Ruth Ann, told me that she experienced the worst headache she ever had in her life before being found unconscious by her daughter and subsequently airlifted to a hospital that could treat her prognosis in a nearby city.

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This Week's Resources

Brain Aneurysm resourcesThis website says as many as one in 15 people may develop a brain aneurysm in their lifetime.

Caring BridgeFree, personal and private websites that connect people experiencing a health challenge with family and friends. The site provides a place for a family member or members to write updates, share prayer concerns, indicate needs and for friends and relatives to post their comments and notes of their care. It is non-profit, no donation necessary to participate. 

Take a mealA website for times when “filling their table will warm their hearts. Simplifying meal coordination so friends, family, neighbors and co-workers can show they care.” Anyone can create a customized, private, online sign-up sheet to include phone numbers, driving directions, food allergies and more that makes it easy for friends and family to take meals to those in need. Check first with the family to see if such a service is wanted. 

Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana – Hospital where Ruth Ann was taken for their outstanding neurosurgery unit and surgeons. 

Mayo Clinic information on brain aneurysm

North Goshen Mennonite Church – Home church of Ruth Ann and Jerry Wittrig, and also the childhood church of Shaping Families producer Melodie Davis.

Natalie FranciscoConnecting Points

BOOK: God's Funny That Way: Surviving A Brain Aneurysm; Anything After That Is A Walk In The Park by Lori Quaranta, CreateSpace, 2008.

VIDEO: Charles Cummings' personal tale of surviving a brain aneurysm and his experience at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

Burton's Blog

That Thin Line

Burton Buller

The line between health and illness, effervescence and moroseness, life and death draws pretty thinly sometimes. While young, we don’t notice the vagaries of the breadth of that line. It becomes more noticeable as we age. But it is drawn in sharp relief when faced with a health crisis.

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Next Week

Eugene and Martha had one child when they decided to adopt a child from Korea—but not an infant. As they worked through the adoption process, they ended up receiving a three-year-old boy who did not know any English and had much to adjust to in his adopted country. Eugene and Martha share frankly about challenges they faced in raising their child to adulthood. That child is now a successful attorney in New York City.

Favorite Family Recipes

Meat Pinwheels

Meat pinwheelsFrom the best-selling cookbook, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, this recipe is from Kathy McLellan. She says, "When my mom invited guests for lunch, she would serve these savory pinwheels along with hot cheese sauce. There was usually a crisp garden salad served on the side."

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